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Photography, Video & Mixed Media

Digital Waste: The Sweet Smell of Burning

2008 - Present

This series humorously explores consequences of excessive photography and social media, raising awareness about virtual living and detachment.

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Installation & Performance

Wait For Me On The Other Side


This site-specific series is a response to Eminent Plaza's demolition, explores loss and preservation, symbolising the death of her mother.

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Photography & Mixed Media

Ode To Despair


Deb uses single-use plastic art to challenge consumerism, urging awareness and sustainable habits through introspective dialogue.

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Photography & Mixed Media

Imperfect Perfection

2018 - 2020

These works explore impermanence, accepting life's flux, finding beauty in destruction, and drawing inspiration from Wabi-Sabi aesthetics.

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Photography & Video

Ready As I'lI Ever Be


This series of work explores gender dysphoria through photography, video, and audio, shedding light on the unique subculture experiences.

Stick No Bill - PH1.jpg

Photography & Video

Stick No Bills

2022 - Present

Deb transforms everyday scenes into art, exploring unexpected beauty in the chaos of layered posters, now showcased as interactive posters.

Stick No Bill - PH1.jpg


The "Young" Old Man


In 2013, after her mother-in-law's death, Deb documented her father-in-law's life, creating a photo tribute and preserving memories.

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