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Imperfect Perfection

Impermanence and imperfections have been an integral part of our lives since the existence of the universe, and we are all the time surrounded by it. Both these topics play a big role in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. Artist has extended this ideology beyond the scope of mortal and immortal and inspects it in the context of the way life evolves and its impacts on our emotional and mental constitution.

The series ‘Imperfect Perfection’ is the artist way of saying, “accept things as they are and find beauty and wonder in the face of mundane”. In reality, there is nothing in the universe that is perfect and is completely still; it is only in the mind of men that such a concept exists. Our life is in a constant state of flux, all the time-evolving to attain perceived perfections and eliminate imperfections. Every so often creating internal conflict with the natural progression of life, however, acceptance allows us to appreciate the beauty and melancholy of it, and we emerge even stronger.

The series of meditative photographs of ink and water and the process of destruction and Kintsugi inspired reconstruction is the artist’s way of finding beauty in impermanence and imperfections of her life. Madhvee has chosen to leave the unexplainable unexplained in her work by maintaining ambiguity to increase the scope of interpretation. The series also takes inspiration from the Wabi-Sabi aesthetics, which requires nature and humans to create and see the understated beauty that is present in everything that surrounds us.



Madhvee was a part of the fundraising initiative by Rainbow Center. Rainbow Centre Singapore is a not-for-profit Organisation that serves children and young people with a diverse range of moderate to severe developmental needs, including autism, physical, visual and/or hearing disabilities; many have multiple disabilities. The Rainbow Centre schools and programmes adopt a holistic developmental curriculum in the areas of language and communication skills, cognitive skills, social and emotional skills, fine and gross motor skills, and adaptive daily living skills.

The exhibition was held from the 1st – 15th Dec 2016



10 AM – 10 PM

During the art-making process for these works, Madhvee had categorically used various mediums as a metaphor to express the notion of Plus Est En Vous. Relentless dedication and synchronized efforts of the involved individuals, with an objective of bringing out the best in the students, is something that motivated Madhvee. The philosophy of treating failure as an experience is highlighted in this body of work.


I was paired with Hanif, a cute 7-year-old. He is diagnosed with the Williams Syndrome, a developmental disorder. During the fundraiser project, I visited Rainbow Center on multiple occasions to develop a connection with Hanif. This was essential to understand how the concept can benefit from Hanif’s abilities. Keeping this in mind the methods and materials were adjusted to realise the concept. It was the most humbling experience, which has taught me the true meaning of the words “resilience” and “hope”. I was excited that the chair Hanif and I designed fetched SGD 3000.



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