Call it meditation or call it opium, my studio is where my true self reflects and my name, Madhvee, gets a meaning. My work is more of an expression than a mere illustration of my thoughts. The intentional fluidity of my work allows room for further interpretation, forcing the viewer out of their comfort zone to make them think, imagine, and wonder.

My artwork is a product of an interdisciplinary collaboration between photography, video, audio, and mixed media. The study of human perception, remembrance, and identity frequently guides my art-making process. More often than not this results in a metaphoric representation of the findings inspired by engaged subjects as diverse as gender dysphoria, death, and elements of impermanence and temporality.

While I use a variety of materials and processes, in each project my methodology is consistent, leading to coherently resolved works. My choice of material, shape, and format are always guided by the subject matter of a particular body of work. Each project often consists of multiple pieces, usually in a range of different media grouped around specific themes and meanings. During the research and production, new areas of interest arise and lead me to the next body of work.


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