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Kinvadantī / Hearsay

किंवदंती (kinvadantī) "Kinvadantī" delves into the realm of hearsay, exploring the fine line between truth and fiction. Originating from the Sanskrit term for hearsay, the project navigates the terrain of rumours, gossip, and the nebulous space where stories blur into reality.

Madhvee Deb intimately explores humanity's enduring fascination with the paranormal, discerning a universal belief in such phenomena across diverse societies. Her exploration extends to how these narratives are embraced, whether for entertainment or conviction.

Despite her upbringing, Deb refrains from embracing such beliefs herself, instead captivated by humanity's tendency to fear and believe in intangible entities. Using her camera, she draws connections between cultural myths and superfiction, a concept coined by artist Peter Hill in 1989. In this intriguing intersection, invented narratives merge with reality, forming a mesmerising tapestry of imagery that challenges perceptions and invites contemplation.

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