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Mending the Broken Mosaic

From the depths of personal loss to the resilience found within, Deb's photo essay weaves a powerful narrative drawn from her own journey. Tragic accidents claimed childhood friends, and the early loss of her mother left lasting imprints, shaping Deb's exploration of mortality and resilience.

The bond she shares with her father-in-law, surpassing even that with her own father, lies at the core of this narrative. Residing in separate countries, and at times continents, presents challenges in caring for ageing parents. During her visits, Deb stays determined to use her camera to capture precious moments and weave a tapestry of visual memories. Through these photographs, she has captured the resilience born from deep sorrow, illustrating how life persists in the face of absence, all the while acknowledging the transient essence of our existence.

These evocative photographs, taken during tender moments in the twilight of her father-in-law's life, serve as both a tribute and a legacy, preserving memories for generations to come.

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