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Ode To Despair

The short-lived cycle of single-use plastic bags is alarming and undoubtedly hurting our environment, yet it is challenging to completely give up such a highly convenient material. Ubiquitous plastic has become a pronounced symbol of unmindful consumerism and a throw-away society. Madhvee Deb’s series, ‘Ode to Despair’ consists of collages and photographs of single-use plastic; it aims to shift mindsets towards consumerism as Deb believes reducing usage is more permanent and sustainable solution. By repurposing single-use plastic into intricate art pieces, Deb seeks to captivate and intrigue viewers, provoking them to reconsider their habits. Through establishing an introspective dialogue between the artist and the audience, her goal is to urge us all to question our daily routines and cultivate a heightened awareness of our surroundings. These reflections can transform our role from being an abettor to being a contributor to the collective causes that tirelessly work towards bringing change on a broader scale.



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