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The piece of art shows a street and a Chinese temple. It is clouded and the people are obscured, the streets zig-zag. It gives the feeling of being lost, confused, dazed, yet instead of getting out, simply adding more and more layers, furthering yourself from the character of the place and instead, drowning it in confusion, unnecessarily staying in the same place adding more and more and more until it becomes a blobby mess. The simple path forward is covered by an immeasurable amount of different angles, people, and streets merging into one. While the colours were originally welcoming and adventurous with the different passionate stalls of red and the calm open bushes of green seeping into the orange lanterns that illuminate the character, the layering and mindless “perfection” causes it to wear out, becoming washed with a boring grey and the colours merging into a dull uninteresting blue.

A unique collecter’s piece for gift or purchase. Adds interest to your home or office decor. This piece is from the series “Digital Waste: The Sweet Smell of Burning”. The Series has been invited to prestigious festivals and it has been exhibited internationally.

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Time Never Stood Still, Limited Edition Photo

SKU: DW-P-0008-A
  • This affordable artwork is produced after years of research and printed on museum-quality fine art paper.

    Photograph on archival paper
    Limited Edition

    This photograph will be signed and dated by the artist. A certificate of authenticity signed by the artist will be included.

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