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Stick No Bills

Madhvee Deb takes everyday sights from her travels and turns them into a series called 'Stick No Bills'. Even though putting up posters on walls is not allowed in many places, the walls still end up covered in layers of posters. Deb is fascinated by the stories she discovers on these walls through the remains of paper.

In these juxtapositions, where the absence of one thing meets the presence of another, a unique narrative emerges. Deb delves into the unexpected beauty found within the chaos of these leftover fragments. What may seem like a mere residue to some becomes a canvas of captivating unique stories.

The 'Stick No Bills' series comes full circle by showcasing these works as posters. Similar to conventional posters, artworks encourage viewer engagement by inviting them to immerse themselves in the environment using QR code. This artistic journey celebrates the things we overlook, changing what might be considered as urban trash into a gallery of unexpected beauty.

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