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Ready As I'lI Ever Be

Culture is a vast, ever-shifting tapestry, woven from the myriad beliefs and practices learned across societies. Within this expanse, not all beliefs align, and the divergence can create profound isolation. "Ready as I’ll Ever Be" delves into the intricate and often poignant emotions of individuals experiencing gender dysphoria.

These individuals navigate a world where their values and norms starkly contrast with those of the majority, often placing them within a subculture that grapples for social acceptance. The journey to self-acceptance is filled with challenges; some embark on this brave path, defying societal expectations, while others are compelled to conceal their true identities under the weight of external pressures.

This series highlights the intimate and deeply personal stories of those living with gender dysphoria. It is a tribute to their resilience and an invitation for viewers to witness and reflect upon the profound courage it takes to confront and embrace one's authentic self.



Stay a Little Stronger, a Little Longer

The emphasis of the research is the reciprocal exchange of thoughts, feelings and information between the artist and participants, and as a result, many deep feelings were shared. At the time of making this video, Yuma was going through gender dysphoria, and had not yet come out; this is an attempt to describe the feelings she had shared with the artist. The video uses metaphor and expresses an internal voice in the form of a dialogue that Yuma desired to share with the world.

Stay a Little Stronger, a Little Longer2014Single-Channel Video, 16:9Colour, Sound4:16 minute

I Hope I Seek 

The video work “I Hope, I Seek” is an honest monologue of a Male to a Female in transition. At the time of making the video, she was married with 2 children. Her family and friends were aware of her psychological state, and they were supportive of the struggles. However, they were uncertain of the ultimate acceptance in case of final transition. Till today, Hendrika is struggling with her inner voices, and the pressures to adhere to an image that is acceptable by society. 

This video work consists of 2 videos that share one audio and plays in sync on 2 separate screens.

I Hope I Seek, 2014, Single-Channel Video, 16:9 (2 separate videos), Colour, Sound, 4:36 minute 


The body of the work Metamorphosis is an allegorical representation of a psychological and physical state of mind, experienced by people feeling gender dysphoria. Representation of communicated feelings and their reflection has played an important role in this body of work. An overwhelming state of mind and conflicting physical appearance leads to an unbearable condition. The gesture of peeling, tearing, layering and masking as well as the discarded layers of paper have been used as metaphors to express these emotions. The artist has utilised the ambiguity of the character and momentary yet deliberate eye contact to raise curiosity. The body of work intends to argue with the bias within and also questions the possibility of assimilation with society.


Metamorphosis, 2014, Single-Channel Video, 16:9, Colour, 4:00 minute


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