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"I got married at a very young age and was met the most loving in-laws. I was more close to my father-in-law than my own father. Suddenly in 2013, my mom in law passed away. Her absence made us realise how much she shielded everyone from caring for an old man, who refused to grow old. My FIL was a professor of Philosophy and a published author. After retinal detachment in his midlife, he could barely see with one eye. While it did not deter him from reading, it surely impacted his daily activities. Losing a partner is never easy, especially if you have been together for more than 5-decades. The emptiness is even greater. 

My mother and MILs passing away, absence of my grandparents' memories in my life compelled me to document my FIL every time I visited him. I owed it to my children and myself. This photo essay is a journal.


A record of our relationship. For whatever days we had left together. A photography tribute, in memory of 'The "young" Old Man,

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