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Madhvee Deb's concern for the alarming cycle of single-use plastic bags inspired her to create a series of captivating photographs with found plastic, highlighting the contrast between the convenience of plastic and its detrimental impact on the environment. Despite its usefulness, plastic has become a symbol of unmindful consumerism and a throw-away society. Deb's optimistic approach to the issue of plastic waste focuses on the positive steps being taken to curb the problem, and she believes that everyone's participation in saving the environment is urgent and important. If everyone contributes, we can gradually correct our mistakes and make a real difference.


Deb's photographs and artwork are a testament to her role in raising awareness and changing the equation from being an abettor to being a contributor towards positive change. By recycling the plastic used in her photographic explorations, Deb completes the loop and contributes to the positive change she envisions. While our actions may not be sufficient, and it may take longer than expected to repair the damage, it is still a step in the right direction towards a better future.

Re:Fuse & Reuse

Re:Fuse & Reuse

After photographing Deb further transforms single-use plastic waste into striking collages that convey a powerful message about environmental sustainability. Her artistic process involves fusing pieces of plastic together through melting and gluing to create a cohesive whole that speaks to the intricate, interconnected nature of our modern world.

By repurposing plastic waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill, Deb creates something of value out of unmindfully discarded pieces. Through her work, she encourages viewers to consider the impact of their own consumption patterns and to reflect on how they can make a difference in reducing plastic waste. Her art is a powerful testament to the potential of art to inspire social change and envision a more sustainable future for all.