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Exclusive Complimentary Art Downloads

Collector's guide to buying art ebook

Collector's Guide

Short and insightful, this guide helps you navigate the art market. Learn the essentials, make informed choices, and build a curated collection with confidence.

Cyanotype process ebook

Cyanotype Printing Process

A concise journey into historic photography. Follow step-by-step instructions for stunning blue prints and open the door to alternative photographic creativity.

Coming Soon!
Downloadable photo transfer of wood guide

Photo Transfer on Wood

Learn how to easily transfer a photo onto a piece of wood using my step-by-step photo transfer to wood tutorial. These make a perfect gift!

ebook for the camera gear artist uses

My Camera Gear

Explore the tools behind my visual creations with 'Essential Gear Unveiled.' Discover the essential gear fueling my photography and video works in this concise and insightful guide.

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